Naomi H Strauss always found the human body fascinating, so she pursued Exercise Science an undergraduate, then continued to get a Master’s Degree at Hofstra University. Naomi’s goals during her training sessions are to be comfortable in your own body, and learn the how and why muscles work the way they do. Naomi’s focuses are strength training, core, interval training, and kickboxing. Her primary focuses are people beginning exercise for the first time, people with high energy that enjoy intense workouts, and senior training for balance and maintaining strength. Naomi has trained people from Queens all the way to the eastern end of Long Island. She has multiple certifications from world- renowned group fitness company Les Mills; BodyCombat™, BodyPump™, Tone™, GRIT™, and Sprint™. She is also a runner and runs races throughout the year including fun runs to half- marathons, and her fitness goal is to run a marathon!
Avril Coakley
Allied Healthcare and Fitness Professional
Wellness Coach, Guest Speaker
Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified: Speed, Agility & Strength Training Specialist, Kinesiology Institute for Performance Specialists
Certified, CPR, AED, & First Aid, American Heart Association
Body Pump™ Assessor, FitMarc
Certified Les Mills Body Pump™ Advanced Instructor
Certified Les Mills Body Flow™ Advanced Instructor
Certified Enhance Fitness® Instructor
Certified Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness & Sports, SUNY Stony Brook School of Professional Development
Adjunct Faculty, Eastern New Mexico University
Michael DeWitt has been an athlete and competitor from a young age. He’s competed in sports such as soccer, basketball, track & field, and tennis up into the collegiate level. He was named team captain of his college soccer team his senior year and lead everyday by example. His introduction to fitness and strength training began in High School when his soccer coach forced lifts such as the barbell clean, squat, deadlift, and bench press into his workout regimen. From those habits and discipline he formed in high school that bled into everyday life in college and eventually the years thereafter. After obtaining his Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2012, he became a certified personal trainer in 2013. After many successes working with his client base, his continuous drive and dedication led him to become a certified specialist in fitness nutrition, a group fitness instructor with multiple certifications (Weight Training, Core, Spin, HIIT, Kickboxing). This then led him to be promoted to a General Manager’s position at a health club with over 3,000 active members. Michael is getting back to the heart of what he’s always loved to do, train people to empower and better themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. His primary focus is on two demographics: to create and coach corrective and rehabilitative programs for working middle aged women/men and also to help young athletes put on size, speed, and stamina so they can perform at their peak in their specific sport. His motto is “Get Fit with DeWitt!!!” Life has thrown much adversity at Michael, but he’s never let that deter him from training and bettering himself. His greatest hope is to instill that same grittiness, perseverance, ‘never say die’ attitude to each of his clients. Contact MoveMeant fitness today to get working with Michael!