Is MoveMeant Fitness a franchise or local business?

MoveMeant Fitness is a locally owned business with only one location on Long Island.

What should I bring?

Always bring your own yoga mat, sweat towel, and water bottle in a non- breakable container to outdoor classes.

How do I sign up for a drop- in class or pay ?

You can register on our website or email Naomi to get an array of options.

Are there commitments?

Check out our pricing page– but the answer is no.

I have never exercised before / I have not exercised in a very long time, but I am interested in starting and I am nervous. What should I do?

First, You should make sure you are cleared to exercise by your doctor. At MMF, we have options for everyone at every level, so no matter which class you are interested in, you can achieve it. First Timers should start with 30 minute classes such as our Ab conditioning class and Yoga Express. Participants are encouraged to try 20- 30 minutes of a class, and if needed, stop; come back next time, and try 30-35 minutes. All instructors at MMF have years of experience and cater to all levels so everyone can be successful. Check out our “First Timers” page for more information.

Do I need to be a member of MMF to use the Personal Training services?

No you do not! If you strictly want to train with a personal trainer, all you need is to purchase PT. View our “Personal Training” tab above.

Why should I workout at MoveMeant Fitness if there are a hundred other studios and several franchise gyms?

The staff at MoveMeant Fitness love what they do and put their heart into it. All instructors have been through rigorous training and know how to move effectively to achieve results. All you need to do is show up with a good attitude and we’ll take care of the rest! As humans, we are meant to move! Who doesn’t want to workout with an amazing group of people that love to have fun? Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

I bought a Groupon, now what?

Please contact Naomi through email or phone 631-606-6179 to schedule when your first class will be.

I have more questions. Who can I speak to?

Text or call Naomi at 631-606-6179 or email at